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Sunbury - Greenvale - Aitken College


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2023 Route

Schools Serviced

Aitken College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:15amMitchells Lane (Langama Park)
7:18amElizabeth Drive (Reservoir Road)
7:20amMcEwen Drive (Gowrie Court)
7:34amNottinghill Rise (Whitechapel Way)
7:40amBelleview Way (Mountain Ash Drive)
7:46amMacedon Street (Day Hospital)
7:50amCurtis Avenue (Orchardview Grove)
7:52amRolling Meadows Drive (The Old Stock Run)
7:53amThe Old Stock Run (The Link)
7:54amHighgrove Drive (The Old Stock Run)
8:05amBulla Service Station (Met stop)
8:09am1220 Somerton Road
8:16amKirkham Drive (Helmsdale Crescent)
8:17amKirkham Drive (Langbourne Court / Adderley Drive)
8:18amKirkham Drive (Yuroke Creek Reserve)
8:19amKirkham Drive (Clifton Road)
8:20amGreenvale Drive (Kirkham Drive)
8:21amGreenvale Drive (Greenvale Drive Reserve)
8:30amAitken College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:25pmAitken College
3:37pmKirkham Drive (Helmsdale Crescent)
3:41pmKirkham Drive (Langbourne Court / Adderley Drive)
3:42pmKirkham Drive (Yuroke Creek Reserve)
3:43pmKirkham Drive (Clifton Road)
3:44pmGreenvale Drive (Kirkham Drive)
3:45pmGreenvale Drive (Greenvale Drive Reserve)
4:00pm1180 Somerton Road
4:02pmBulla Service Station (opposite Hotel)
4:03pmBulla Road (School Lane)
4:15pmHighgrove Drive (The Old Stock Run)
4:16pmThe Old Stock Run (The Link)
4:18pmRolling Meadows Drive (The Old Stock Run)
4:20pmCurtis Avenue (Orchardview Grove)
4:23pmSunbury Library (Macedon Street Service Lane)
4:24pmBarkly Street (St Andrews Pre-school)
4:25pmBarkly Street (Station Street)
4:28pmBelleview Way (Mountain Ash Drive)
4:33pmNottinghill Rise (Whitechapel Way)
4:49pmMcEwen Drive (Holloway Court)
4:51pmElizabeth Drive (Reservoir Road)
4:54pmMitchells Lane (Langama Park)


Last Updated: 6-Feb-2023

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