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Gladstone Park - Kolbe Catholic College


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2023 Route - Effective Term 2

Schools Serviced

Kolbe Catholic College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:20amCoventry Street (Leicester Square)
 Gladstone Park
7:27amMickleham Road (Gladstone Park Shopping Centre)
 West Meadows
7:33amElizabeth Street (Raleigh Street)
7:35amWest Meadows Tavern
7:39amMickleham Road (Edara Circuit)
7:42amLemonwood Drive (Blossom Drive)
7:45amDellamore Blvd (Mickleham Road)
7:48amHillview Road (French Road)
7:54amGreenvale Drive (Ambleside Road)
7:57amAberdeen Avenue (Maclachlan Court)
8:00am103 Dunfermline Avenue
8:10amKolbe Catholic College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:25pmKolbe Catholic College
3:35pm103 Dunfermline Avenue
3:38pmAberdeen Avenue (Maclachlan Court)
3:40pmGreenvale Drive (Ambleside Road)
3:47pmMickleham Road (Edara Circuit)
3:50pmLemonwood Drive (Blossom Drive)
3:55pmDellamore Blvd (Mickleham Road)
4:00pmHillview Road (French Road)
 West Meadows
4:10pmWest Meadows Tavern
4:12pmElizabeth Street (Raleigh Street)
 Gladstone Park
4:18pmMickleham Road (Gladstone Park Shopping Centre)
4:25pmCoventry Street (Leicester Square)


Last Updated: 23-May-2023

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