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Romsey - Salesian College


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Updated 2020 route

Schools Serviced

Salesian College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:30amMain Road (Old Farm Way)
7:32amMain Road (Barry Street)
7:34amMain Road (Digby Drive)
7:41amKilmore Road (Mullalys Road)
 Riddells Creek
7:43amKilmore Road (Mt Charlie Road)
7:44amKilmore Road (Gyro Close)
7:46amMain Street (Amess Road)
7:48amMain Street (Gap Road)
7:50amMain Street (Sutherlands Road)
7:51amKilmore Road (Rivergum Road)
 New Gisborne
8:00amJoseph Avenue (Kilmore Road)
8:02amPeavey Road (Kumbari Court)
8:06amMonaghan Road (Saunders Road)
8:09amKilmore Road (Macedon Close)
8:10amCampbells Road (Peters Road)
8:12am223 Campbells Road
8:13amCampbells Road (Riddell Road)
8:15amRiddell Road (Nolans Road)
8:16amRiddell Road (Palmer Road)
8:17amRiddell Road (Settlement Road)
8:30amSalesian College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:35pmSalesian College
3:43pmRiddell Road (Settlement Road)
3:44pmRiddell Road (Palmer Road)
3:45pmRiddell Road (Nolans Road)
 New Gisborne
3:46pmCampbells Road (Riddell Road)
3:47pm223 Campbells Road
3:50pmCampbells Road (Peters Road)
3:54pmJoseph Avenue (Kilmore Road)
3:56pmPeavey Road (Kumbari Court)
3:57pmMonaghan Road (Saunders Road)
4:00pmKilmore Road (Macedon Close)
 Riddells Creek
4:05pmKilmore Road (Rivergum Road)
4:06pmMain Street (Sutherlands Road)
4:08pmMain Street (Gap Road)
4:09pmMain Street (Amess Road)
4:10pmKilmore Road (Gyro Close)
4:11pmKilmore Road (Mt Charlie Road)
4:14pmKilmore Road (Mullalys Road)
4:21pmMain Road (Digby Drive)
4:23pmMain Road (Barry Street)
4:25pmMain Road (Old Farm Way)


Last Updated: 27-Sep-2020

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