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Woodend - Salesian College


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Updated 2020 route

Schools Serviced

Salesian College

Timetable (AM)
Time Stop Location
7:25amAvenue of Honour (Russells Road)
7:28amAvenue of Honour (Honeysuckle Lane)
7:29amAvenue of Honour (Romsey Road)
7:31amHigh Street (Ashbourne Road)
7:40amNursery Road (Black Forest Drive)
7:43amCarrington Street (Smith Street)
7:44amHonour Avenue (Bent Street)
7:45amWaterfalls Road (Honour Avenue)
 Mount Macedon
7:50amMt Macedon Trading Post
7:51amMt Macedon Road (Cheniston Road)
 New Gisborne
7:55amMt Macedon Road (Crombie Road)
7:56am153 Mt Macedon Road
7:57am88 Mt Macedon Road
7:59amMt Macedon Road (Black Forest Drive)
8:02amHamilton Road (Kemp Road)
8:04amHoly Cross Primary School
8:06amGisborne Railway Station
8:30amSalesian College
Timetable (PM)
Time Stop Location
3:35pmSalesian College
 New Gisborne
3:58pmGisborne Railway Station (Baringo)
3:59pmHoly Cross Primary School
4:01pmHamilton Road (Kemp Road)
4:04pmMt Macedon Road (Black Forest Drive)
4:05pmMt Macedon Road (Hamilton Road)
4:06pm153 Mt Macedon Road
4:07pmMt Macedon Road (Crombie Road)
 Mount Macedon
4:11pmMt Macedon Road (Cheniston Road)
4:12pmMt Macedon Trading Post
4:16pmWaterfalls Road (Honour Avenue)
4:17pmHonour Avenue (Bent Street)
4:18pmCarrington Street (Smith Street)
4:21pmNursery Road (Black Forest Drive)
4:28pmHigh Street (Ashbourne Road)
4:30pmAvenue of Honour (Romsey Road)
4:32pmAvenue of Honour (Honeysuckle Lane)
4:33pmAvenue of Honour (Russells Road)


Last Updated: 27-Sep-2020

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